Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 17th birthday to meee!

Thank god, one more year im 18. lol. Now that I'm 17, I can buy Rated R tickets. hehe. anywho. The baby took me out to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday because I had a taste for MANGO HABANERO!! Tell me das not deelish. I know,I know. ULCER! But anywho...I have to find a driving school to get my license. Can't go through escuela porque I don't attend day school at my high school. ((sorry, I am not however spanish or anything. But being in Honors Spanish 3 and all. It do rub off)) Long story. But yeah. If that was the case, I wish he woulda told me 3 weeks ago when I paid. He asked me if I was a student there and technically I am. But whatever. I spent about 80 bucks on geo contacts. The bf wants Type R floor mats for 100 bucks and I guess I only have enuff for the HK brush set since its a bargain. Cmon now. The 187 is 42 bucks, the 109 is 32 bucks and the 239 is 24.50. And all of that is $98.50. Why not for $50. Would love to grab some lippys from that collection and the Creme collection. I love lippy products. Not much of powder or blushes. I might get into it one day but not right now. I finally found out ima NC40. When I have money like that and finish paying my debts. I am soooooooo doing a MAC haul. I mean a huge one. Like possibly everything I want and possibly won't use. But thas all for now, my babys. goodnight and take care.


Jennifer said...

awwww, i didnt know you made yourself a new blog thingy!

very cute, i might add :)