Monday, February 16, 2009

Where Art Thou Is My Hello Kitty?

On valentines day, my mommy took me,my brother, sister and my hubby to applebees. Was a lil vday and bday birthday dinner. then after, my babe took me to Stony Point mall to the MAC store. Well I sat in the car, while he went to get the HK brush set cus I wasnt feeling too well. Then this ugly biotch kicked the car and she didnt see me in it since it was dark. She walked past my passenger door and then ran and screamed. Im like WTF you pussy ass bitch. She went in the car with her boyfriend. Im like childish biotch. So then I called the babe and decided to go into MAC. And then I bought the Popster TLC also. Pretty corally color with a vanilla smell. I dont know. lol. But I love it. Oh yeah. Unfortunately for my bday. I got the flu so Ive been feeling crummy all week. Missed 3 days of work, so I was mad. ;] I wanna go Bac to Mac!!!


Rai said...

I got Popster, too.
It does smell like vanilla. lol

Jess said...

I LOVEEE your blog layout! It's so cute! ;)


Jules said...

Hey Hey I love your blog! It's soooo cute! Great mac haul too. =D