Thursday, April 23, 2009


okay, i super d' duper LOVE LOVE make up blogs. And its like a big party for make up lovers to rant,review and etc. i want to get in! so ima try to gain more followers and actually BLOG! so if you could, please support my "blog" and any tips would help a bunch. love yall. thanks.

so lets start. just bought my first pair of falsies. andrea modlash starter kit in #33. I am completely clueless on how to put them or trim it or even remove it once i apply it. so any help or suggestion will be great.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

EOTD:Smokey Eyed Vixen

Now that I have my license, I have been driving like crazy. Haven't been going to where I want to or been cruising like a new driver would. Been running errands and gets kind of boring and lazy. But for the time that I had to be alone.I have found a new love. My new favorite channel is USA. NCIS whore! Its cool cus it is based in Virginia. And Monk amazes me, Law and order is cool too. I don't know. I am interested in murders and crime. But any who here is my eye of the day.

Don't mind my ugly face. Sorry for the blurryness.

What I used::
HIP in Platinum
I love my eyes Liquid Eyeliner in Black Tie
Victoria Secret Pencil Eyeliner in Black
Physician Formula Lash in a tube Mascara in Black
Amuse Glitter Mascara in Charcoal

And I stopped by Walmart to grab a couple of items and grab 3 nail polishes. So far I swatched all of them and accidently mixed one. Down below is East Village by NYC. Love the color and how buildable it is. Wasn't too sure bout it at first but it came out to be my favorite out of the 2 other polishes. This is with 2 swipes. And then the other 2 were by Pure Ice. It was French kiss and Strapless. French kiss is a dark navy blue. Super dark compared to the color in the bottle. It disappoint me because I wanted a normal blue. Not light and not dark. But this came really dark. And then Strapless is a medium blue with tiny specks of glitter. Very pretty. And what was very lovely was while I swatched them on. I wanted to do a second coat of each. Well I accidently put Strapless on top of French kiss. OMG how pretty it came out. It made French kiss blue tone down a tad bit with a splash of glitter.D =D

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm baaacccckkk!

Soooo.....I haven't blog in forever. Lately, I have been busy rearranging my room and going behind the wheel for my license. And guess what! Saturday would be my last day. woot woot!!! but anywho. I got this big ol' package in the mail the other day. guess from who? My cuzzo from MA, Chanthy. Late bday present. =] Lets seee...When I first ripped the box open. I saw a lil hello kitty plush doll and a hello kitty baby pillow to insert a photo. CUTE!!! I sleep next to it every night. Heres some pics.

Then underneath, I got Rimmel London fix and perfect foundation primer. not one, not two but 5 NYX trios. I always wanted the one with cherry,cool blue and hot pink. how did she know?! and the other 4are [baby pink,barely there and cotton candy] [perpetual] [ultra chic] [team spirit] then i got 4 ulta swirly lipglosses. havent used it cus i hate opening lippies and not using it then it get all stinky and blehhh...4 rimmel london lipglosses. I LOVE LOVE delirious. Its like a berry color. Deep purple but very buildable. Look perrfect with thalia lipstick. Then theres eastend snob,rhythm and smitten. Then I got 2 clinique moisture surge thingys. love it. its gel consistency so a little bit goes on a long way. i love it so far. thas all i remember for now. =] then my bf sister and bro in law, took me out to cracker barrel. Country fried steak. OMG so yummy. then baby bella got me a singing card which is soo cute and a hello kitty organizer with stickers. YAY!! and the card my bf sis gave to me had tattoos so ima get tat tat tatted up!

2 Clinique moisture surge moisturizers. 2 Midnight Pomegranate Hand lotion. Rimmel London Fix & Perfect foundation primer. 5 Nyx trios. 4 Ulta glosses and 4 Rimmel London Glosses. T2B is Delirious.Rhythm,Smitten and East end Snob.

goodnight my lovelies.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So yeah, I am finally taking behind the wheel tommorrow to get my license. FINALLY! Been waiting forever to get this stupid thing. Wish me luck! I am so nervous that I might mess up. Anywho, the bf is snoring loud as shit in my ear. (yes, we do stay together and i'm 17) He went to sleep mad cus I told him I don't want to be in this relationship anymore. Its getting dull. No more butterflies in my tummy.(I guess thas how it goes after 3 years) No more kissys when we separate. No I love yous when we get off the phone. No god damn surprises for valentines day. Just cus his sister doesn't do it, does not mean I don't. I want to feel the love here and there. No more sex in the room. I always gotta rape him when he sleep. NOT FAIR! We're young. We should be all over each other. Sorry kind of personal. But hey, im young and want to explore. No, I am not on birth control nor have i ever been prego. ima good girl and i know not to. although, i cant fight the urges, but i know. I love the guy and all but I don't think he knows how to treat a girl right. 1st vday was sweet. 2nd vday, he "borrowed" my $50 from my bday money and took me out to eat. Yeah, thas kinda thoughtful since we didnt have jobs at the time but we doubled. The other couple was on pms mode. HOW SWEET WAS THAT! this vday and bday suckd. dumbass aint buy me shit cus supposedly he didnt know what to get. im like i made a list, made it obvious and still nothing. men suck. he aint buy me shit til we had an argument about it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I miss my lil bro in law.

Man, another day passes by and he's not in the room next door. He's at Natural Bridge Juvenile Correctional Center. He left Richmond Diagnostic Center today. 3 hours trip man. That's hella far. But I'ma try my best to go see him. He been gone since October 24,2008 for bringing a gun to school. He getting out July 6th though. The gun wasn't on him but was in his "boy's" car. SNITCHES! I know he is wrong for bringing it in the first place. I understand that part. He wasn't there when the search and shit went down. He was in the building weaponless. Them bitch niggas in the parking lot smoking and chilling in the parking lot. Them bitches are punks. See its one thing he was charged for the gun but shit, nigga didn't have to promote it and say he is involved in a gang. C'mon now, thats unnecessary. The past is the past. Kid grew up and changed. I see them laying pound per pound bout that shit, but why the pussy bitch didn't get charged with shit. Nigga had a permit driving a suburban to school with bout 6 niggas in the vehicle. If they can throw down my lil bro, why they aint do that. The driver aint get charged with shit. His lil brother and cousin got charged with bringing cigs to school but dat won't nothin. Another kid aint get none. All of them supposedly expelled but why them 3 family members be at school still? They deserve the same punishment as anyone else. They knew it was in the vehicle, they didn't procrastinate or shit. Nigga could be a bitch and ask other niggas to fight his battles, borrow money. But when his NIGGA is on the line. Bitch snitch and lay it down. Boy, that nigga is a bitch. Pussy niggas get it how they live. FUCK JONATHAN DIAZ, FUCK ELMER DIAZ, FUCK CESAR ?, FUCK JOSE GRANADOS. FUCK THEM NIGGAS.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Where Art Thou Is My Hello Kitty?

On valentines day, my mommy took me,my brother, sister and my hubby to applebees. Was a lil vday and bday birthday dinner. then after, my babe took me to Stony Point mall to the MAC store. Well I sat in the car, while he went to get the HK brush set cus I wasnt feeling too well. Then this ugly biotch kicked the car and she didnt see me in it since it was dark. She walked past my passenger door and then ran and screamed. Im like WTF you pussy ass bitch. She went in the car with her boyfriend. Im like childish biotch. So then I called the babe and decided to go into MAC. And then I bought the Popster TLC also. Pretty corally color with a vanilla smell. I dont know. lol. But I love it. Oh yeah. Unfortunately for my bday. I got the flu so Ive been feeling crummy all week. Missed 3 days of work, so I was mad. ;] I wanna go Bac to Mac!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 17th birthday to meee!

Thank god, one more year im 18. lol. Now that I'm 17, I can buy Rated R tickets. hehe. anywho. The baby took me out to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday because I had a taste for MANGO HABANERO!! Tell me das not deelish. I know,I know. ULCER! But anywho...I have to find a driving school to get my license. Can't go through escuela porque I don't attend day school at my high school. ((sorry, I am not however spanish or anything. But being in Honors Spanish 3 and all. It do rub off)) Long story. But yeah. If that was the case, I wish he woulda told me 3 weeks ago when I paid. He asked me if I was a student there and technically I am. But whatever. I spent about 80 bucks on geo contacts. The bf wants Type R floor mats for 100 bucks and I guess I only have enuff for the HK brush set since its a bargain. Cmon now. The 187 is 42 bucks, the 109 is 32 bucks and the 239 is 24.50. And all of that is $98.50. Why not for $50. Would love to grab some lippys from that collection and the Creme collection. I love lippy products. Not much of powder or blushes. I might get into it one day but not right now. I finally found out ima NC40. When I have money like that and finish paying my debts. I am soooooooo doing a MAC haul. I mean a huge one. Like possibly everything I want and possibly won't use. But thas all for now, my babys. goodnight and take care.