Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So yeah, I am finally taking behind the wheel tommorrow to get my license. FINALLY! Been waiting forever to get this stupid thing. Wish me luck! I am so nervous that I might mess up. Anywho, the bf is snoring loud as shit in my ear. (yes, we do stay together and i'm 17) He went to sleep mad cus I told him I don't want to be in this relationship anymore. Its getting dull. No more butterflies in my tummy.(I guess thas how it goes after 3 years) No more kissys when we separate. No I love yous when we get off the phone. No god damn surprises for valentines day. Just cus his sister doesn't do it, does not mean I don't. I want to feel the love here and there. No more sex in the room. I always gotta rape him when he sleep. NOT FAIR! We're young. We should be all over each other. Sorry kind of personal. But hey, im young and want to explore. No, I am not on birth control nor have i ever been prego. ima good girl and i know not to. although, i cant fight the urges, but i know. I love the guy and all but I don't think he knows how to treat a girl right. 1st vday was sweet. 2nd vday, he "borrowed" my $50 from my bday money and took me out to eat. Yeah, thas kinda thoughtful since we didnt have jobs at the time but we doubled. The other couple was on pms mode. HOW SWEET WAS THAT! this vday and bday suckd. dumbass aint buy me shit cus supposedly he didnt know what to get. im like i made a list, made it obvious and still nothing. men suck. he aint buy me shit til we had an argument about it.


xppinkx said...

Hey dollface

GOOD LUCK on your driving test!!! the road is in your hands YAY!!! yes i will make more seafood dishes i have plenty up my sleeves...btw im pchau85@hotmail.com your contact buyer...cant wait to get my contacts babe!



Welcome Bloggers!! said...

Good luck with the driving test. I'm 19 & still haven't prepared myself for it. I drive, but it's always illegal. Definitely something I shouldn't be doing.

I can so relate to how you're feeling about your boyfriend. I kinda feel that way with my boyfriend too. Plus, lately we've been arguing a lot. We've been talking about moving in together and slowly, yet surely we've been seperating ourselves from one another that we don't get the tasks done that we need to to get our place. It's a big hassle. I'm praying that sooner than later he'll come to his senses and see that either our relationships is going to end or we're just going to kill each other! LMAO.