Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm baaacccckkk!

Soooo.....I haven't blog in forever. Lately, I have been busy rearranging my room and going behind the wheel for my license. And guess what! Saturday would be my last day. woot woot!!! but anywho. I got this big ol' package in the mail the other day. guess from who? My cuzzo from MA, Chanthy. Late bday present. =] Lets seee...When I first ripped the box open. I saw a lil hello kitty plush doll and a hello kitty baby pillow to insert a photo. CUTE!!! I sleep next to it every night. Heres some pics.

Then underneath, I got Rimmel London fix and perfect foundation primer. not one, not two but 5 NYX trios. I always wanted the one with cherry,cool blue and hot pink. how did she know?! and the other 4are [baby pink,barely there and cotton candy] [perpetual] [ultra chic] [team spirit] then i got 4 ulta swirly lipglosses. havent used it cus i hate opening lippies and not using it then it get all stinky and blehhh...4 rimmel london lipglosses. I LOVE LOVE delirious. Its like a berry color. Deep purple but very buildable. Look perrfect with thalia lipstick. Then theres eastend snob,rhythm and smitten. Then I got 2 clinique moisture surge thingys. love it. its gel consistency so a little bit goes on a long way. i love it so far. thas all i remember for now. =] then my bf sister and bro in law, took me out to cracker barrel. Country fried steak. OMG so yummy. then baby bella got me a singing card which is soo cute and a hello kitty organizer with stickers. YAY!! and the card my bf sis gave to me had tattoos so ima get tat tat tatted up!

2 Clinique moisture surge moisturizers. 2 Midnight Pomegranate Hand lotion. Rimmel London Fix & Perfect foundation primer. 5 Nyx trios. 4 Ulta glosses and 4 Rimmel London Glosses. T2B is Delirious.Rhythm,Smitten and East end Snob.

goodnight my lovelies.